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Pub Rooms was the first website in the UK dedicated to pubs with rooms - Pub B&B accommodation. Before the year 2000, pubs offering accommodation mainly catered for construction workers. In the early 2000's pubs & inns were changing their rooms to cater for the growing demand for pubs to stay! There was a growing demand for quirky pubs with character to stay. To 'stay in a pub' may not have been considered before 2000 but peoples attitudes were changing. (Did glamping even exist then!) Now (2023) with over 2500 pubs and inns across the UK offering B&B, people are chosing to stay in a pub (rather than a modern hotel).

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Pub Rooms 2002

Pub Rooms beginning - 2002

It all started with a lady from Canada looking for a pub to stay whilst visiting the UK (Leeds Castle). Wanting something different and off the beaten track, she was surprised how difficult it was to find old english inns and pubs to stay in (Knowing that some did offer accommodation). So she created a pub directory to make it easier for people visiting the UK to find pubs to stay. People visiting the UK looking for an alternative to a modern hotel could, using pub rooms. The first pub rooms was simple to use and easy to find pubs with rooms by selecting the county. In 2005 Pub Rooms was getting over 10k visits a week 500k a year, so it was time for an upgrade.

Pub Rooms 2007 Upgrade

Pub Rooms gets an updade 2007

In 2007 Pub Rooms was given an upgrade, adding a dynamic search. Instead of a static website it became dynamic and pubs could update their room details directly. Most pub owners were still living in the 90's and didn't believe the internet was a place people searched for pubs with rooms! Google knew! Google started to monoplise search results for pub accommodation and B&B. Which in turn forced businesses to pay for search traffic or invest in SEO. This came into full force from 2011.

Google Hotels Changed Search results for Pub Rooms + Stay in a Pub

Google Pub Rooms

It all changed on the search results for 'Pubs with Rooms' when Google introduced hotel search results! Google took control of hotel rooms and room search results! Google we're fined by the EU Commission for anti competitive practices (related to Shopping ads). In addition to this more online commission based websites started to use paid search results as a business model. Pub Rooms was copied by websites such as Stay in a Pub. At this point the owners of Pub Rooms decided to do nothing! Just sit back and watch how technology evolves! Google dropped circles and Google + in prep for AI. Except for that nothing much evolved. But there was a growing hunger for commissions from room reservations. Why? Because its easy cash for the reservation systems!

website traffic for pubs with rooms


Technology was not presenting anything new to make pubs easier to find but where does search traffic come from? Pub Rooms improves transparency! Attention to website traffic source, goals and conversion by source. Know where your bookings are coming from outside of booking.com ! With a focus on putting customers into contact with the pub directly. How are guests find your pub, inn hotel? Going back to be being simple! With a focus on commission free bookings, it's all about knowing where the enquiry came from. Google wants a slice of advertising revenue and sites like Stay in a Pub want to take commissions but what converts and what is the cost? Pub Rooms supports Pubs & Inns to get telephone enquires and commission free enquiries and bookings. in 2019 everything was prepared to relaunch and BOOM! At the beginnng of 2020 the world was closed!


2020 - 2022

Pandemics - Lockdowns, Pubs closed! With worldwide travel bans, social distancing, vaccination passports, cashless transactions the UK's pub and hospitality industry was driven to near bankruptcy. For those pubs & inns and hotels that survived the turmoil, it was an opportunity to be exploited by technology. Apps and online booking established itself further. How did a pub with 6 rooms offering B&B survive by taking enquiries over the phone and writing in a book next to the phone before 2020? Before an online calendar was sold as a £100 monthly solution! Online reservations and online commissions presented pubs & inns with an additional cost burden. Do Pubs & Inns want to be contacted directly? Do they want commission free bookings? Do they want to provide great customer service over the phone by a human? Pub Rooms believe customer want this and pubs and inns want this too.
Tell us if you agree or disagree. If you are a pub, inn or hotel offering accommodation for contractors, executive business, tourists, short luxury boutique and want to be contacted directly to take commission free bookings - Contact Pub Rooms Marketing 01827 948232 or sign up to the essential service at the very least. You can alway upgrade later.


2023 - The Future of Pub Rooms

As the world slowly opened back up and people start to look for overnight stays, pub rooms is prepared. Taking on board the changes during the 2020 - 2023 pandemic Pub Rooms has created a unique and improved organic reach for pubs with rooms, including luxury boutique pub hotels. Putting customers directly into contact with the places they want to stay. An emphasis clearly on customer service, local information and commission free room bookings. Pub Rooms was the only UK pubs guide for B&B in 2002 and in 2023 it will be the number one best website to find pubs near...

Our team

The Pub Rooms team is dedicated to keeping all the pubs and inns up to date with all their latest room prices and offers. Some offers are exclusive to pub rooms so make sure you're on the early bird notifications.

Looking for the best room prices in the best pubs / inns across the UK? You're on the right platform. Pub Rooms was founded to put you in direct contact with Pubs / Inns front of house, speak direct not via a 3rd party commission system. Call your favourite Pubs - Inns and get the best prices for rooms you know and trust.

The team at Pub Rooms work relentlessly to keep all the details up todate, including special offers, events and private function room hire. With a background in technology and marketing the sole purpose of Pub Rooms is to get you speaking or contacting the pubs directly.

The commission based websites have made a lot of owners realise they are not serving their customers in the best possible way. Review sites equally mislead people which results in bookings made else where. Good pubs and inns are missing out simply because people cannot contact the pubs / inns they want to stay in directly.

Whats best when searching for pubs with rooms, pub B&B or pub accommodation, why does google displays ads for this searches?
When searching for pubs with rooms, pub B&B is more specific than pub accommodation. Pub B&B specifically refers to pubs that also offer accommodation, while pub accommodation could refer to a wider range of businesses, such as hotels or hostels.
Google displays ads for this search because there is a high demand for pubs with rooms. People who are looking for pubs with rooms are often looking for a unique and memorable stay, and they are willing to pay for it. Google can therefore make money by showing ads to people who are searching for pubs with rooms.
Here are some tips for finding the best pubs with rooms:
Read reviews online. This will give you a good idea of what other people have thought of the pub and its rooms.
Look for pubs that are located in a convenient location. This will make it easy to get to and from the pub, and it will also allow you to explore the area around it. Consider your budget. Pubs with rooms can range in price from very affordable to quite expensive. Choose a pub that fits your budget. Book in advance. Pubs with rooms can fill up quickly, especially during peak tourist season. It is always a good idea to book in advance, especially if you are traveling during a busy time of year.


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