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The Retreat is not a gastro-pub. It's a traditional pub in the heart of London. Whilst some would say it's not trendy the pub is run with pride and the owners are proud to be one of the last remaining good old fashioned traditional pubs in the City offering a great pub to all that visit.

City Retreat
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The pub is managed by mother and son, the City Retreat really is a haven in the heart of the bustle of the City. All food is cooked on the premises and just like the pub it's traditional and comforting with home made pies, sizzling sausages in gravy, and some really interesting vegetarian dishes. The pub can be hired for the entire day or weekend. Hire the City Retreat and have your own pub all to yourself at weekends, and we have a licence available until 2.30am for private functions.

City Retreat

City, EC4 3BQ

P: 020 7353 7904

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